How to create your first blog

Before you create your first blog, try to go over the topic or issue involved. While a blog story can be written in the first person, especially if you have a unique and exciting story to tell, experts say write in the third person, and unless you’re using a sentence in a direct quote, avoid writing “I” or “we.” Always consider the perspective of the reader when writing your blog piece. What makes your story unique that your readers would care? Of course, an ordinary story can be enriched by an experienced feature or blog writer. Then your task will be how to get more traffic on your blog.

An expert blog writer, Rachel Leist provides a formula for writing a blog post. Her simple method includes first, knowing or understanding your audience. What this means is that blogs are custom-written articles for certain types of audiences. Start with a selected topic and working title. In your case, if you are writing for a company that decides to produce a blog post about the company or product, your topic and title will be limited to the specific product or service that the company is handling.

Organize your content. A content organization would depend on the size and complexity of the material that you intend to present in your blog. You can arrange your content from simple to complex categories so that your audience is not overwhelmed by the sheer volume.

When writing your first blog, use words that can be easily understood. Forget about optimizing your story by using keywords that searchers would likely use. Be clear about your message. Never assume that every reader will know what you are saying in the story especially if there are technical words involved.

Limit the adjectives in your story. Don’t make the reader suspect that you are pitching a sales for the product or company too much too soon, or you might lose credibility. Be objective and avoid including your own (writer’s) opinion in the story. Using the testimony of others would be much more useful than an opinionated tale.

Some blog sites require a minimum of 1,000 words. For a start make your blog on the level of 400 to 500 words. Beyond this length, readers could get bored especially for someone who has written for the first time. In the first paragraph of your story, get to the point right away to give the reader an idea what the story is all about. Get the attention of the reader in the first few lines.

Read, re-read and review your work carefully and avoid costly mistakes that could embarrass you and your website. Check the story for spelling errors, grammar errors, and clarity. Someone you know who has some experience in writing or editing can be requested to review your blog and make the necessary corrections. There are discriminating readers who will judge your work based on your English writing.

Provide a title, sub-title and include bullet points if necessary. Blog writing is a way of presenting feature stories, except that in a blog, a writer’s observations may dominate the written story. Some tools or apps could enhance writing, but this cannot replace the original creative thought of a writer doing a feature. While existing apps may make the story a standout, the essential creation remains with you who writes the blog.

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