WSO review in business is based on a number of studies and researches made in the last few years. There is substantial evidence that video marketing is the new trend in business marketing. The ultimate goal, of course, is to generate high sales.

In a recent HubSpot Research, a number of respondents were surveyed, asking the question what type of content do they want to see from a brand or business that they support. About 54% said they want to look at videos, 46% wanted emails and newsletters, some 41% confirmed social images, 34% searched for social videos, 18% said they wanted to see blog articles, some 17% acknowledged in PDF form, and a small 2% referred to other types.

Unlike in conventional television advertising, video marketing can be easily uploaded to various multimedia platforms. Advancing technology has made possible the proliferation of platforms where the video content can be shown with least cost, aside from the standard advertising flicks shown on television networks. These popular platforms are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo to name a few.

It’s easier to remember and appreciate a video material compared to a written blog because video content mimics real live persons, and events more closely than a mere photograph or an audio message. A website can create and embed different types of video content to enhance website quality and enable the operation of digital marketing and video marketing.