The Best Smartphone For Working

Smartphones have become a part of our daily life. There are more people using their mobile devices to connect to the internet compared to using their desktops. This makes choosing a smartphone important, especially if you plan to use it for business. We take a look at some of these business smartphones for 2018 from TechRadar and try to come up with the best smartphone for working people.  

There was a time when only one brand of smartphone was on the lips of the majority of the business IT people when it came to business phones: Blackberry.

Fast forward to today which shows the misfortune that Blackberry has experienced when it comes to the smartphone industry. Apple and Samsung are now considered industry leaders who are fighting it out to become number one.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The latest flagship device from the Korean manufacturer has produced what people say as one of the best business phones in the market today. Launched last March, this is the top choice as a smartphone to have for working people. There are a lot of aspects that have improved compared to the old model which includes a 6.2 inch Super AMOLED screen and a one of a kind camera.  The is known as a marvel in design and technology by experts.

The flagship device also comes with Samsung’s Knox security which is said to be more secure than Blackberry’s DTEK50.

This device cost a little bit more than the competition at $800 but it is worth it. Experts say that there is no phone that is better than the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus that is out in the market today. The fingerprint sensor is now in a more user-friendly location and there are speakers that offer stereo surround sound. Capture amazing low light photos and enjoy viewing them on the large screen.

Apple 8

This latest iPhone from Apple is now faster, smarter and for the first time water resistant. Those who still have the iPhone 7 as company phones don’t need to upgrade. The new iPhone has a faster processor and shows off a glossy glass rear and now offers wireless charging. It’s dust and water-resistant body is an added value. Battery life is not that great since the new iPhone 8 has a smaller battery than the iPhone 7. It performs similarly to the 7 but the reviews have not been great when it comes to battery life.

Prices start at $700 for the base unit, much more affordable than the iPhone X which sells at $1,000.  

OnePlus 6

This is one of the more affordable flagship devices that offers a top-notch Android experience for the user. This is a great phone for work given the more affordable price. It has an all glass design with a large 6.28-inch display. It features both fingerprint and face unlock as security features and a max of 256GB of storage.

Its battery life could be improved, so it would be great to have a charger around. There is also no MicroSD support so you have to make yourself content with the internal storage of either 64GB or 128GB.

Prices start at $529 which is a bargain for a flagship device that performs well for its price. The top end model is at $629 which is still way below the prices of other flagship competitors.

The competition is stiff when it comes to smartphone manufacturers nowadays. New models with the latest features are being released on a regular basis. Choosing the best smartphone for working will depend on many factors like budget and purpose for using. You don’t always need to have the most expensive one that’s available, especially if you just need the phone for its basic functions

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